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Call Me Capable In-Services

Carol Leish offers a special presentation to businesses, schools, hospitals, organizations and clubs. She invites her audience to join her on her personal journey of coping with visual and speech challenges.

Carol enlightens people by focusing on the strengths that people with disabilities have, and demonstrates there is always a way to get around a situation by improvising or accommodating to it. She is an eloquent speaker who deals with a sensitive subject in a way that inspires and educates the listener.

During the past 15 years, Carol has established herself as an advocate for people with disabilities and has written many articles for businesses, professional organizations and local newspaper.

Carol continues to gain recognition, and has received several awards for her community achievements in promoting mutual understanding and respect of others regardless of their differences.


Previous Presentation List:
Keynote at 11th Annual Illinois Statewide Transition Conference--Chicago, October 30, 2015

Ventura College
Oxnard College
CA Lutheran University
CSU Channel Islands

Oxnard Union High School District
Oxnard Elementary School District
Ventura Unified School District
Pleasant Valley Schools
Los Angeles Unifed Schools
Laguna Niguel Elementary Schools

California State Department of Rehabilitation
Ventura County Office of Education
County of Ventura
City of Oxnard

Temple Beth Torah Youth Group of Ventura
Temple Beth El of Aliso Viejo

Rotary Clubs
Progressive Connections
Optimist Club of Camarillo
Soroptimist Club of Oxnard
Oxnard/Port Hueneme Boys & Girls Club
Ventura Boys and Girls Club
Camarillo Boys and Girls Club
Santa Barbara Boys and Girls Club
Boy Scouts
Girl Scouts
ARC/Community Services

Anacapa Hospital
St John's Hospital, Senior Health Connection
Ventura County Behavioral Health Supported Employment
Pro Care Hospice
Ventura Veterans Home
Palms of Buenventure
Ventura TownHouse

Naval Surface Warfare Center, Port Hueneme, CA


Personal Testimonials:
  • Thank you for sharing your story with us yesterday. We are all given different gifts and yours, through lots of hard work, seems to be to open people’s eyes to the potential that is in each of us irregardless of our physical or mental limitations. But, as a shy quite engineering type, I am amazed that we have a member who can write for newspapers and has no qualms about getting up and speaking before others. Attributes that I will never have. As we struggle every day to be optimistic and compassionate it is good to know that there are people like you out there helping us do that.

    p.s. It may surprise you that you know more about Einstein than you think. Every time you look at your digital camera remember that it was Einstein who got a Nobel Prize in the 1900’s for the Photoelectric Effect which is the basis for the sensor in the camera that makes it work.

    - Bruce Nofrey
    - Ventura Sunrise Optimists

  • Wow, Carol! Everyone at church LOVED the game! The kids were all very engaged and interested. Every single one of them participated avidly. It was definitely a big success.
    - Alison J. Balter

  • I am a Special Education teacher and read about Carol Leish and the game she invented called, Call Me Capable. I was intrigued and immediately call Ms. Leish and ordered several games. I teach students from grades kindergarten through middle school. I began playing the game with my 5th grade students and later my middle school students. They love it! Meanwhile, I see that the game is teaching them to think about others, to have empathy, compassion and also some self awareness regarding their own learning or physical challenges. I wish my school could afford to buy a game for each classroom. What a wonderful way for students to learn kindness, teamwork and higher level thinking skills. I highly recommend the game: Call Me Capable!!
    - Rita Henry
    -MA Special Education, MA Counseling-Psychology

  • Carol Leish spoke at one of our Leadership Forums at Oaks Christian School. Her message was one of triumph over circumstances that make life difficult. As a person with distinct physical disabilities due to a traffic automobile accident when she was a baby, Carol talks about ways to accommodate and succeed. She gives hope to us all and inspires everyone to look at possibilities rather than obstacles.
    - Jeff Woodcock
    - Headmaster, Oaks Christian School

  • "Thank you for taking the time to speak at Port Hueneme Division, Naval Surface Warfare Center during our Equal Employment opportunity Committee's Persons with Disabilities Event."

    "I understand that your remarks were poignant and those attending found it insightful to learn about the personal struggles you've experienced. I believe that events like these pave the way in changing attitudes about persons with disabilities by highlighting their capabilities instead."
    - S.H. Huber
    - Captain, U.S. Navy

  • I would like to express the gratitude of both the paraeducators and administrative staff for your participation in the Ventura County Office of Education’s Special Education Professional Development workshop series.

    Your presentation was well received by all who attended. Comments ranged from, “I will share everything with my colleagues, I learned about the different types of brain injuries; to the “Call Me Capable” game is great for students.

    We are fortunate to have people with your expertise, dedication and sensitivity that are willing to take the time to share best practices with our staff. It is this type of experience that assists our staff in their quest to blaze new paths with students - and in some cases, the state. On behalf of the Ventura County Office of Education Special Education Department, we again thank you.

    - Charles Thatch
    - Program Specialist, Ventura County Office of Education

  • "Carol is an example of positive thinking amidst physical challenges. She motivates with her presence, tenacity and never-ending ventures."
    - Dr. Mary L. Barreto
    - Community Relations, City of Oxnard

  • "You took a sensitive subject matter and presented the information in a very professional and caring manner. It's nice to see others who share this conviction to improving services for the mentally disabled."
    - Jeannine Larsen, R.N., VP of Marketing
    - Psychiatric Management Resources

  • Thank you so much for presenting at our department retreat Wednesday. I heard many staff discussing the Call Me Capable game and how much they gained from playing it. We all had fun too!

    You were professionally presented, personable and prepared. I'm always proud when my speaker recommendations are we well received. You made me look good.

    Thank you again for sharing your expertise and experience. It was just right for our training day.
    - Shirley Lorraine, Manager, Facilities & Purchasing
    - Tri Counties Regional Center

  • "I have had the pleasure of working with Ms. Carol Leish, Disabilities Consultant, in a professional capacity over the past year. She has benefited our program by presenting her Call Me Capable Keynote to our staff and Call Me Capable game to Mental Health clients on 3 separate occasions.

    Her presentations have been well-received with requests for her return. She displays a warm, caring, affable and humorous personality. She is persistent and professionally consistent with her presentation of herself, her services and her mission.

    I highly recommend her as a presenter to organizations or individuals whether specifically interested in the topic of Disabilities Awareness or not, as she is an engaging speaker with an important message to our society."

    - Robin K. Briceno, RMT, Program Director
    - County of Ventura

  • Thank you so much for taking time out of your busy schedule to speak at our Elder Transitions Monthly Breakfast. The attendees found your talk to be both informational and inspirational.

    Your insight into becoming more capable as a person with disabilities showed that humor and a good attitude can many times overcome even the most challenging of challenges!

    - JC Hodgdon, Community Education Coordinator, Geriatric Center
    - St. John's Regional Medical Center

  • "Thank you for helping us become more aware of our assumptions and biases related to disabilities. We all want to become less handicapped, especially in the way we look at other people and their abilities. Thank you for sharing your very capable life with us."
    - Kathleeen Ricco, CRNH
    - ProCare Hospice

  • I wish to thank you for the very informative and meaningful program. The way in which you presented--first, your personal story, and then the information of the Americans with Disabilities Act and examples of ways people react to your "abilities"--was very well thought through.

    Three years ago I fell and simultaneously broke my ankles. During the six weeks in the wheelchair and casts and the following four weeks in casts and the walker, I understood the immobility and the reactions of the "standing folks" to the sight of someone in a wheelchair. It was a very good education for me.

    - Beverly Gage
    - Fillmore Noontime Rotary Club

  • What a great surprise meeting Carol Leish and listening to her inspirational story. This was an outstanding presentation accented with personal experiences and injected with unbridled humor. Carol, we need more of your positive feedback. I look forward to future programs.
    - Donna Trouville
    - Visiting Rotarian, Westlake Village Sunrise

  • Thank you for visiting my girl scout troop and sharing your experiences. Both the girls and their parents benefited from the "Call Me Capable" game we played. I would recommend your presentation to either children or adults and will look forward to a presentation by you in the future."
    - Beverly Frethiem
    - Troop Leader, G.S. Troop 694,Oxnard

  • "Your positive, humorous approach brought a whole new perspective to our children. Your presentation gave them an opportunity to learn about some of the common misconceptions about disabilities. Through your celebrity examples they could see people with disabilities living successfully. Your capable attitude was an excellent example for our children. It showed them that everyone can do something well and we should all reach for our potential."
    - Carole Olsen-Bryan, Learning Center Director
    - Boy's & Girls Club

  • "Your presentation on the issues surrounding disabilties was very informative and entertaining. By sharing your Call Me Capable Game with us, it showed us that we are more similar than different."
    - Dr. Priscilla L. Lartridge de Garcia
    - Oxnard College Re-Entry Center

  • "I would like to recommend Carol Leish as a speaker. She presented a program entitled 'Call Me Capable' to an audience of fourth and fifth grade students at Citrus Glen School. Being handicapped, Carol was able to give our students a realistic overview of the problems experienced by the handicapped. She talked about her handicaps and the obstacles she had to overcome.

    I believe the students left this assembly with a greater awareness of the problems handicapped people face every day. Carol brought to their attention celebrities that also have handicaps such as Michael J. Fox and Christopher Reeves. She also made them aware that handicaps can be the result of accidents or illnesses. Carol's presentation enabled our students to appreciate their capabilities and realize most goals can be achieved if you keep trying.

    - Marie Atmore, Principal
    - Montalvo Elementary School, Ventura, CA


Video Interviews:

Schmooze With Suz - Carol Leish Interview
Tuesday, December 3, 2013
Video Link Here

"Call Me Capable" - The Board Game (a tutorial)
by Carol Leish
Saturday, May 11, 2013
Video Link Here

Carol Leish and her board game, "Call Me Capable"
Monday, December 3, 2012
Video Link Here

"Living Your Life to the Limit" Carol Leish on the Dr. Bunny show
with Bunny Vreeland
Tuesday, July 18, 2012
Video Link Here

Radio Interviews:

"Dr. Bunny Vreeland: Surviving an accident and living positive. Guest - Carol Leish
with Bunny Vreeland
Wednesday, August 26, 2015
Radio Link Here

"Dr. Bunny Vreeland talks to Disability Consultant, Motivational Speaker and Writer Carol Leish, MA
with Bunny Vreeland
Thursday, March 28, 2013
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"Call Her Capable" Carol Leish on Disability Empowerment, Part 2
with Julie Cara Hoffenberg, Host of AuthenticWomanCoach
Tuesday, January 10, 2012
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"Call Her Capable!" Carol Leish On Disability Empowerment, Part 1
with Julie Cara Hoffenberg, Host of AuthenticWomanCoach
Tuesday, December 27, 2011
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"Capabilities NOT Disabilities" Carol Leish Interview
with Dr. Karen McGraa, Host of Ventura County Professional Women's Network Radio
Sunday, July 24, 2011
Radio Link Here


Special Awards:
Top Outstanding Young American (CA Finalist), 1998
United States Jr. Chamber of Commerce

Outstanding Young Californian, 1998
United States Jr. Chamber of Commerce

Spirit of Networking Award, 1997-1998
Ventura County Professional Women's Network


Articles about Carol Leish's Presentations
"Capable of Success,"
Masters of Success  2004

"Call her capable: Leish hustles with chutzpah,"
Ventura County Star,  December 16, 2002

"Oxnard Woman Advocates Capability,"
Ventura County Star,  January 22, 2002

"Playing the Disability Game the Right Way,"
LA Times,  October 20, 1999

"Adjusting attitudes for a hamburger,"
Ventura County Star,  August 10, 1999

"Using humor to change attitudes,"
LA Times,  July 28, 1999

Other Articles Written by Carol Leish
"The Arc of Ventura County: Supporting independence since 1954,"
Ventura County Star,  July 27, 2013

"Disability ettiquette,"
Ventura County Star,  April 15, 2013

"Continuing to Hustle With Chutzpah,"
VCPWN Focal Points,  April 2002

"Sparkling as a Diamond while Walking Tall,"
VCPWN Focal Points,  January 2002

"Inventions by Women That Have Shaped Our World,"
VCPWN Focal Points,  July 2001

VCPWN Focal Points,  March 2001

"Who knows how to listen,"
Ventura County Star,  July 27, 2000

"Focusing on Strengths Leads to Balance,"
VCPWN Focal Points,  May 2000

"Hustling With Chutzpah,"
VCPWN Focal Points,  January 2000

"A Matter of Attitude,"
VCPWN Focal Points,  September 1997

"Employing the Disabled,"
Star Free Press,  July 22, 1994

"Making Dreams Come True,"
Interface,  April 1994

"God in My Life,"
Ventura Jaycees,  October 1993


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