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Call Me Capable Game - Available since 2002 Call Me CapableTM is a one hour discussion game that provides open-ended questions about physical, mental and learning challenges. The objective is to help players become more aware of the capabilities and strengths of individuals with disabilities.

The game includes cards that fall into one of four categories:
Emotion cards:
1. How would you feel if you were losing your sight?

2. Would you be angry if you used a wheelchair?

3. How can someone without a disability be sensitive toward a person with a disability?

Experience cards:
1. How can a person with a vision problem use a computer?

2. How do you talk to a person who has a hearing problem?

3. Why are some parking spaces painted blue with wheelchair insignias?

Imagination cards:
1. Imagine that your friend has a reading problem. What could you do to help him?

2. Imagine hiking with your friend who uses a cane. How do you go on your journey?

3. Imagine you have a disability and someone asks, "What is wrong with you?" How would you react?

Challenge cards
1. Hearing aids can help people who are completely deaf:
    a. not at all
    b. a little
    c. more and more each year
    d. completely

2. Some newer wheelchairs help disabled people get around by using:
    a. electric motors
    b. gasoline motors
    c. jet engines
    d. mice on a treadmill

3. Blind people read Braille by:
    a. feeling special raised letters on a page
    b. listening too special sounds
    c. using a touch screen computer
    d. listening to a tape



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